W8TRAIN Padded Figure-8 Wrist Weightlifting Straps for Powerlifting Deadlift Shrugs Lifting - BT5NNICK5

W8TRAIN Padded Figure-8 Wrist Weightlifting Straps for Powerlifting Deadlift Shrugs Lifting - BT5NNICK5

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  • PADDED INTERIOR FOR COMFORT- day after day, week after week, lifting makes us stronger but it can also wear us down if we are using uncomfortable equipment. W8TRAIN Figure 8 straps are the only premium straps with padding on the inside to keep the strong straps from ripping into your skin.

  • THREE SIZES AVAILABLE- no matter your wrist size or experience level, we have straps for you. Choose from small, medium, or large. Our advice is generally go medium unless you have very small wrists and hands. Only go large if you are one of the biggest guys (or gals) in the gym. We find most lifters do well with a medium- but we have small and large sizes available to accommodate everyone.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY DIFFERENT LIFTS. From deadlifts to shrugs, and even dumbbell work, W8TRAIN Figure 8 straps help you focus on the lift and reduce discomfort on wrists and hands. They are perfect for farmer's walk as well.

  • BREATHABLE BUT DURABLE ANTI-SLIP FABRIC MATERIAL. Our special multi-thread cloth provides strength for your heaviest lifts while still being breathable to keep your hands and wrists from becoming sweaty. Sweaty bars mean bad deadlifts- your straps should help, not hinder your progress.

  • LIFT RATING: 1000 lbs! That's right, our heavy duty straps can hold up to 1000lbs. Your arms will give out long before our straps do...for now- keep training and who knows how strong you will be. For now- you can count on W8TRAIN Figure 8 straps to be there for all of your lifting- until you can lift more than 1000 lbs!

  • W8TRAIN provides quality equipment for your home or gym workouts

    Take a load off your hands with W8TRAIN Padded Figure 8 Wrist Straps. Built for performance and comfort with double the padding and surface area of a typical strap, you barely feel any load on your wrist.

    Ideal for use in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman or any activity requiring you to hang onto a lot of weight and be able to put on your straps quickly. Unlike chalk, our wrist wraps never need to be replaced and don't leave a mess in the gym.

    "I love doing the farmer's walk for traps but my grip strength is not where it needs to be for me to work my traps the way I want. My forearms experience pain and fatigue long before my traps. I do other exercises for grip, but with the W8TRAIN Padded Figure 8 Wrist Straps I can farmer's walk three times the distance. I really feel it in my traps."

    When you don't have to focus on how heavy the weights feel in your hand you are able to target the muscle group you are intending to train. For example: doing shrugs you will lift more weight and feel more of that weight in your traps. When doing bent over rows with a dumbbell or barbell you will again lift more weight and feel better activation of the back muscles. Don't let your grip hold you back from your ultimate lifting potential.

    Heavy duty stitching combined with high quality neoprene and cotton form an anti-slip fabric making the W8TRAIN Padded Figure 8 Wrist Straps nearly indestructible. The W8TRAIN Padded Figure 8 Wrist Straps are rated to hold up to 1000 pounds.

    W8TRAIN Padded Figure 8 Wrist Straps come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Medium will fit the majority of lifters and are able to be used on Olympic style barbells. Small is best for mostly female athletes or those with smaller hands. Large will fit lifters with larger hands or lifters who will be gripping thicker bars such as axle bars.

    W8TRAIN Padded Figure-8 Wrist Weightlifting Straps for Powerlifting Deadlift Shrugs Lifting - BT5NNICK5