Villain Wrist Wraps - BBEQG4AT0

Villain Wrist Wraps - BBEQG4AT0

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  • Do you have wrist pain from lifting heavy weight? Villain Wrist Wraps will support and stabalize your wrist from injuries.

  • Get those new PR's! Villain Wrist Wraps will increase your lifts with no wrist pain.

  • High quality wrist wraps that are deisgned to protect your wrist from injury.

  • Our Wraps allow for adjustment with a simple double velcro that you can make them as loose or tight as you want.

  • Order today and you are protected by TuffWraps 30 Day Warranty from manufacturer defects.

  • The 16" Villain wrist wrap is the most versatile wrap in our range. Providing adequate support for all pressing movements in the gym such as shoulder press, bench press, tricep push down and arm curls. With our innovative TuffWraps belt loop tightening system and heavy duty 2" wide velcro, they will remian tight and secure during your work out.

    Villain Wrist Wraps - BBEQG4AT0