OYhmc Portable Pedal Exerc - NSML55

OYhmc Portable Pedal Exerc - NSML55

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  • ★ Compact pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs, increasing circulation, improving stamina and relieving tension for greater focus and concentration.

  • ★ The sets of variable resistance pedals work independently to tone the upper and lower body muscles, help relax joints and burn fat.

  • ★ The Bike is perfect for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, especially the Bike is perfect for rehabilitation and passive gymnastics of the elderly or people with special motor disabilities.

  • ★ Made entirely of the highest quality metal, stable, lightweight and very durable, the Bike includes a new ergonomic design for maximum comfort, rotating handlebars for a complete upper body workout and pedals for leg training, an LCD monitor shows the counts of repetitions, time spent, calories burned and distance

  • ★ Best Effect after using :to stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulate nerve;make muscle tension compression, enhanced the meridians backflow pressure; improve blood circulation,Increase joint mobility.

  • Rehabilitation Bicycles Can Not Only Keep The Body Healthy, But Also Improve Blood Circulation And Release Stress, So That People Can Stay In Good Condition. It Is Very Suitable For The Rehabilitation Of Middle-aged, Elderly And Patients. It Provides Low-impact Exercises To Strengthen And Strengthen Muscles, Exercise Arms And Legs, Train Joint Flexibility, Improve Endurance And Relieve Tension. It Is Very Suitable For Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation.


    1. Suitable For Arm And Leg Training At Home.

    2. The Driving Intensity Of The Bicycle Can Be Adjusted.

    3. Suitable For Training Of Middle-aged And Elderly People Or Stroke Patients.

    4. Through Hand Training, It Can Improve Hand Flexibility, Improve Cardiovascular System, And Strengthen Upper Limb Muscles.

    5. Through Leg Training, You Can Thin Your Thighs, Improve Blood Circulation And Reduce Cramps.

    Specification :

    Name: Rehabilitation Bicycle

    Material: Stainless Steel + ABS

    Weight: 6kg

    Size (L * W): approx. 34*30*52cm

    Resistance Method: Mechanical Friction Resistance

    Adjustment: Knob To Adjust Resistance

    Suitable For: Middle-aged, Elderly And Patient Rehabilitation

    Packing List :

    1 * Rehabilitation Bicycle

    OYhmc Portable Pedal Exerc - NSML55