Foam Wedges

Foam Wedges

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Core Asana Zafu Meditation Cushion Half Moon Crescent Yoga Pillow Buckwheat Filled Floor Seat with Zippered Organic Cotton Cover Cyan - NHDW62X5

$19.66 $43.42

ECO-FRIENDLY — Filled with finest organic buckwheat hulls (dusted and sanitized). TOXIN FREE — Made up of 100% natural dyed cotton. ELEGANT AND DURABLE — Beautifully designed with removable cover and crafted with 100% cotton canvas fabric for durability. COMFORT AND STABILITY — Relieves load on the back and the lumbar muscles by raising the pelvis making it easy to keep the body in proper p..

Elastic Fitness Bar Pilates Yoga Rod Tremor Bar Elastic Flexi Bar Bodybuilding Yoga Pilates Fitness Swing Rod-Effective Full-Body Training Particularly Suitable for your Workout at Home Glass Fiber 2 - FPLGFTVN

$44.11 $72.01

Improve your posture: Swing stick for home vibration training - Improve body awareness and posture Low-impact workout: Vibration training strengthens torso and arm muscles and is gentle on joints For beginner and advanced levels: Whether in your living room, after a workout or at the gym, this swing stick can be used anywhere Trains deep muscles: The swinging stick profoundly strengthens yo..

EVTSCAN Professional Yoga Wheel Circle Massage Stick Leg Trainer Set Home Bodybuilding Stretching Prop Tool - GALOFN73

$54.56 $89.34

This yoga set can meet almost all your needs for improving balance and stretching. The yoga wheel assists you in many yoga poses such as backbend. It can also relieve your back pain effectively, upper and lower. The leg trainer and massage stick can provide the stability needed in your practice to help with deeper poses and increased strength. Features eco‑friendly EVA foam which cushions y..

LTLCLZ Improving Backbends Flexibility Training Yoga Pilate Circle Non Slip Yoga Wheel Foam Roller Waist Shape Waist Shape Spine Roller - GJLER1XR

$30.72 $81.56

EVA outer ring, 3D non-slip pattern enhances safety in use; environmentally friendly and odorless. The interface fits tightly, is skin-friendly and soft, and does not hurt the body during use. The design perfectly fits the curve of the back spine. When used, it can stretch and relieve the back and even the entire body. High-quality PP material improves stability. Specification:Item Name: ..

zhangaoyo Non-slip Resistance Bands Hip Band Wide Workout Bands for Strength Training Fitness Fitness Strength Training Equipment Fitness Elastic Stretchy Yoga Resistance Bands - XPALFMRI

$19.76 $41.51

You'll Not Only Get Your Butt Hot, But Your Whole Body Ready To Perform! Resistance bands for leg and butts to -exalt the hip and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and relieve pressure and fatigue effectively. Use these amazing loops for All Workouts, such as P90x, Yoga, Pilates, Beach Body lifting workouts, Deep Squat,etc. Make fabric resistance bands more soft-touch, breathable an..

LIOYUHGTFY Fitness Stretch Bar Vibrating Fitness Bar Pilates Yoga Rod Tremor Bar Vibrating Fitness Bar Elastic Flexi Bar with Counting Device Relieve Shoulder Pain High Frequency for Pilates Yoga - RXCUBA0K

$84.23 $131.11

[Removable]: The detachable novel design is easy to use and easy to store. [Gravity pendulum]: Both ends of the fitness bar are gravity pendulums, with a handle in the middle. [Non-slip handle]: Non-slip handle, comfortable grip, no scratches, no sticky hands [Suitable for all kinds of people]: Suitable for all kinds of people, very suitable for the elderly and equipment used by all adults,..

Harilla Non Slip Yoga Pilates Wheel Back Stretch Stable Solid Roller Tool Bend Comfortable for Relaxation Body Building Stretching Massages Fitness - TOPM629X

$40.31 $79.93

PREMIUM MATERIALS: Our Yoga Pilates Wheels are made of high quality PP+Polypropylene, which is lightweight, wear resistant, sweat absorbent, and non slip. Oval Design: This back stretch roller has an oval design that perfectly fits the curved shape of your back spine. Yoga wheel: oval shape yoga wheel, back bending equipment, printing yoga training tools. Wide Application: This yoga back ro..

Yoga Studio EU Organic Buckwheat Designed Bolster Abstract Collection Origami Golden Blush - UIMHUA5V

$38.23 $91.85

Yoga Accessory: Specifically designed to provide you a stable support system when exercising, this yoga bolster is a perfect pick for your yoga sessions. This is a great yoga prop that can be used for stretching exercises Material Used: This yoga exercise bolster is filled with organic buckwheat hulls to provide firm support by conforming to your body shape. It is made of 100% cotton fabric tha..

Emoshayoga Yoga Wheel Comfortable Yoga Bend Wheel Portable Non-slip Good Load-bearing Effect for Home Gym Use for Health Fitness Slimming Exercise - JSMQPU59

$26.84 $77.29

Effective support for various hand-stand, support, back bending, balance deepening, etc. Long-term use can improve the shoulder and neck and keep you away from hunchback. The outer layer uses high quality anti-skid materials to effectively relieve the discomfort of the movement. It helps to exercise muscles, reduce fat and get in shape. Environmental protection material, good load-bearing..

Resistance Band Workout Bands Resistance Resistance Bands For Legs And Glutes Resistant Bands Women Resistance Bands Set Men For Fitness Equipment 2-black,1 - YOPC7PG5

$19.35 $66.34

High quality: Made of hard-wearing, skin-friendly material thanks to first-class workmanship. Ideal for increasing the efficiency of numerous Pilates exercises. Strongest wheel: Our yoga ring it's made to last, repeated use without breaking down, unlike lower quality ring just claim similar strength! Strong inner tube ensures you roll on the ring with ease Designed to help you create resistan..

Astibym Yoga Prop Wheel Yoga Wheel Portable Durable for Home Gym Use - YFMVV4VK

$26.51 $58.62

Environmental protection material, good load-bearing effect, rest assured that your yoga exercise is safe. It helps to exercise muscles, reduce fat and get in shape. The outer layer uses high quality anti-skid materials to effectively relieve the discomfort of the movement. Long-term use can improve the shoulder and neck and keep you away from hunchback. Effective support for various hand..

Yoga Sandbag Unfilled Fitness Filler Sandbag Yoga Adding Weight Support Prop Equipment with Handle Zipper Red Yoga Sandbag Yoga sandbag - AMCJ3O4I

$19.40 $55.22

Fitness Equipment Sandbag is easy to use, and you can Adjust the amount of sand in the bag according to the required good support or weight Yoga Adding Weight Prop is an ideal choice of those who love yoga and exercise Fitness Filler Sandbag has a small sandbag on it, and the small sandbag can be used to fill sandstone and steel balls, and the weight is adjustable Unfilled Yoga Sandbag has ..

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