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Slant Board Calf Stretcher Adjustable Incline Board Stretch Board Leg Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Tight Calves 6 Levels Adjustable 15" x 12.2" Large Size Made In Taiwan - B0LZLOT09

$19.42 $54.46

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: 【Physical Therapy & Injury Prevention】- Our slant board is ideal for your body recovery from Achilles tendon injuries, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, calf strains, and other foot and ankle injuries. By properly stretching, you can enhance lower legs' strength and reduce the chance of injury 【Extra Large Massage Surface】- Its size is 15" x 12.2" ( 38 cm x 31 cm ), it i..

15" Bouncing Platform Pogo Exercise Ball Board by Trademark Innovations - B446PCKOL

$19.51 $34.53

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: The non slip textured board measures 15"L x 11"W and includes the ball and pump to inflate the ball Have fun while improving balance, coordination and fine motor skills Increase leg and core strength Can support up to 150lbs. By Trademark Innovations Improve balance, coordination and agility all while having a bouncing good time! Be sure to use on a soft surface..

Orqua Collection Pirouette Board Turning Board for Ballet Dancers Ice Skaters Gymnasts Complete with Carry Bag and Resistance Band - BOHUSQBTE

$19.69 $46.63

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: Master your spins and turns with the easy to use ORQUA COLLECTION pirouette board. It comes in a stylish grey color and will ensure that your technique is perfected in no time The board is soft and comfortable and designed to reduce friction between your foot and the floor. It will allow you to spin and turn without any hassles whilst perfecting your turns, the turning ..

Vodeson Slant Board for Squats,3 Pcs Foot Stretcher Incline Board,Physical Therapy Equipment Plantar Fasciitis for Foot Stretching,Heel,Calf Stretch Wedge and Improve Lower Leg Workout. - B4O19LQY0

$19.58 $40.04

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: Injury Prevention:The Portable Leg Stretcher Aid In Athletic Stretch Recovery And Are Ideal For Helping Treat And Prevent Plantar Fasciitis,achilles Tendon Injuries,shin Splints,calf Strains,foot And Ankle Injuries. Multi-angle Combination: The Physical Therapy Balance Board Contains 3 Plates, Which Can Be Adjusted To 3 Different Angles: 8.5°+8.5°+17°, Which Can Be Arbi..

3PCS Slant Board for Calf Stretching,Foam Foot Stretcher Wedge Blocks,Plantar Fasciitis Relief,Incline Board for Yoga Heel Exercise,Squats Calf Stretch,Physical Therapy Equipment,Atg Buddies - B33WSD96S

$19.56 $41.36

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: Used In Physical Therapy For A Variety Of Foot Injuries:This Slant Board is recommended by physical therapist.First,it can be used to stretch the calf before and after exercise,improve leg strength,stamina, agility,reflexes,etc.Our inclined plates also help in recovery and prevention of plantar fasciitis,Achilles tendonitis Relief from heel spurs,shin splints,Achilles ten..

Yoga Fitness Slide Board Sliding Mat with End Stops Multifunctional Sliding Mat Quiet Sports Slide Mat for Body Shaping Workout Board for Fitness with Shoe BootiesOrange - BDKPE573W

$19.28 $51.20

MULTIPLE USAGES: Yoga fitness sliding mat can be used for body shaping, buttocks and waist, slimming and belly reduction, with strong practicability. GOOD PROTECTION: Workout slide board adopts thickened sponge pad, mute and non slip, with thickened baffle design, bold collision resistant strip to protect ankle safety. BALANCE SPORTS: The sliding pad mprove the balance and coordination of the..

togu 30 – 4300 Leo THE LION – 50.80 cm x 12.7 cm 高30.48 cm 宽101.60 cm 长 - BL25KELLS

$19.42 $38.80

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: LEO 狮子是一个强大的入门平衡训练工具孩子们 完美适用于力量和协调练习 精选德国制造的材料非常结实耐用 使用家庭或水可以治疗 支持135磅承重能力 Product Description The Togu Pediatric Inflatable Lion is perfect for balance training, improving coordination and building strength. And it’s FUN! The Lion comes in orange and has a weight capacity of 135 lbs. The Togu Lion is ideal for balance training. With exercises developed exclus..

togu 30 – 4232b dynair SENSO 垫子, PLUS – 25.4 CM ,高26.67 cm ,30.48 cm 宽,101.60 cm 长,蓝色 绿色 1 - B8NUBZKJ7

$19.15 $38.72

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: German-made air filled cushion designed for active dynamic sitting and balance training Use either the smooth side, or the knobbed side for a gentle massage effect Relieve back pain and improve posture when used while sitting Space saving alternative to an exercise ball Supports a 660 lb. weight capacity Product Description Air-filled cushion for dynamic sitti..

RON ROMERO w56003 chango S2000 B A 型号板 Advanced 1级至1212.7 cm 高5.08 cm 宽101.60 cm 长 - B5NJVONQJ

$19.39 $31.65

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: 产品的卓越品质精湛的手工制造专门培训的人员 无与伦比的灵活性的各处理顾客需求 本产品为美国制造 Chango S2000 b/a W56003 boards advanced. This product is manufactured in United States. The excellent quality of the products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained Personnel. The uncompromising flexibility of processing customer requirements. RON ROMERO w56003 chango S2000 B A 型号板 Advanced 1级至1212.7 cm 高5.08 c..

RIIPOO Slant Board Calf Stretcher Wedge Ankle Incline Board with Adjustable 5 Position - B9NBJISV4

$19.09 $55.20

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: The slant board is made of ABS material, sturdy and non-slip design, it can bear the maximum weight of 550 lb This calf stretcher has 5 levels to meet different groups of people, adjustable balancing board is very easy to use. Suitable for beginners, athletes, etc. The slant board for calf stretcher helps to make your muscles and calf stretching, lower leg flexibility..

Springen Slant Board Stretch Board Adjustable Slant Board Calf Stretcher for Stretching Tight Calves or Plantar Fasciitis - B7TAA1A6O

$19.50 $34.96

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: Dyrable: Made of high quality medical grade ABS and stainless steel material, the product is well constructed and sturdy, non-slip design, will protect your heel and calf muscles from hurt. Easy to use: No assembly required. It’s a simple tool, A useful stretching aid to improve workout performance, release muscle tensions and prevent injuries. This slant board for sq..

BOSU equilibrium DVD with JAY blahnik - BI4QQWSHR

$19.46 $30.08

这适合您的 . 请输入型号 确认是否合适: 教授瑜伽和普拉提练习 说明上的传统采用拉伸 BOSU 跑鞋 有效培养柔韧性和力量 内附制造商保修卡见产品保证书 Product Description Bosu Pro Series Collection Videos by the top presenters in the fitness industry. .com This effective workout DVD is meant to be used in conjunction with your Bosu Balance Trainer and features a wide variety of yoga and Pilates inspired poses coupled with unique variations of traditio..

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